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ProClip Ball Mount: The Ultimate Solution for Your Device Mounting Needs


When it comes to safely and securely mounting your devices in your vehicle, the ProClip ball mount system stands out as a top choice. Engineered for durability and versatility, ProClip ball mounts provide a sturdy foundation for attaching smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, and more, ensuring that your devices stay within easy reach while you're on the road.

What is a ProClip Ball Mount?

A Secure and Versatile Mounting Solution

The ProClip ball mount is a two-part mounting system consisting of a vehicle-specific dashboard mount and a ball joint attachment. The dashboard mount is custom-designed to fit seamlessly into the interior of your vehicle, providing a stable base for attaching the ball joint. The ball joint attachment allows you to securely mount your device using a variety of device-specific holders, ensuring a perfect fit for your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets.

Key Features of ProClip Ball Mounts

Designed for Performance and Convenience

Custom Fit

Each ProClip dashboard mount is precision-engineered to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle, ensuring a seamless integration with your car's interior without the need for drilling or modifications.

Secure Attachment

The ball joint attachment features a sturdy and reliable locking mechanism that keeps your device securely in place, even on rough terrain or during sudden stops and accelerations.

Versatile Compatibility

ProClip offers a wide range of device-specific holders and adapters, allowing you to mount smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, and other gadgets with ease. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, or Garmin GPS unit, there's a ProClip holder to accommodate your device.

Easy Installation

Installing a ProClip ball mount is quick and easy, with no special tools or expertise required. Simply attach the dashboard mount to your vehicle's interior using the provided screws or adhesive tape, then snap the ball joint attachment into place and secure your device holder for a snug fit.

Why Choose ProClip Ball Mounts?

Reliability, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

Reliable Performance

With their durable construction and secure mounting system, ProClip ball mounts provide peace of mind knowing that your devices are safely and securely held in place, even during the most demanding driving conditions.

Customizable Options

ProClip offers a wide range of dashboard mounts, ball joint attachments, and device holders, allowing you to customize your mounting solution to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Seamless Integration

Unlike universal mounts that can be cumbersome and unsightly, ProClip mounts are designed to seamlessly integrate into your vehicle's interior, providing a clean and professional-looking mounting solution that enhances the overall aesthetic of your car.


For a secure, reliable, and customizable mounting solution for your devices, look no further than the ProClip ball mount system. With its precision engineering, versatile compatibility, and easy installation, ProClip ball mounts offer a seamless and convenient way to keep your devices within reach while you're on the road.