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I looked at the 2X2 room. There was no one there. There was just messy bed linen. where are they?

I guess so, I thought about it for a while. Where do you think? Maybe they're in the living room?

I'll go right away. Just as we arrived at the room in the middle. I could hear people arguing a little. I slow my steps. need to know what they are doing.

``Come on, Dad, it takes so long to open the door!'' I heard the sound of dancing.

What does that mean? Perhaps he opened the guest room door. I'll be right there, no more sneaking around.

``What are you doing?'' I turned on the light switch. Suddenly they were shocked.

The screwdriver that Mas Damar was holding fell to the ground. I'm sure Mas Damar is trying to unlock the room. Meanwhile, Tali helped Mas Damar shine a light so he could see the boardhole.

They stood there awkwardly, like thieves caught up in a crime.

“Can I open the door to this room?” Do you want to play Keron! ” I looked it up.

"Yes, ah, Anu, Deku. Tali said there are a lot of rats in the back room and in the guest room. Can I sleep with you?!" I interrupted Mas Damar. .

"Then, Deb! Mas Damar is mine." He also has the right to sleep with me! ” It was Tali who came forward this time. I think she is gradually gaining courage.

"That's why I forbade her too. It's up to you what you want, and I know that you are now Mas Damar's wife. But I already gave you the room! Someone else's Don't go into the house haphazardly.''

``What a room, it's like a chicken coop!'' he sneered.

I lazily rolled my eyes. In fact, those who are always looking at the glow of wealth do not just want to worry. He should be grateful he doesn't have to live in a small rented apartment. If I didn't bring him with me, he would probably stay at his mother's house at most, and even if I brought him to this city, he would probably just stay in a guest house or a rented house. I don't think Mas Damar can afford to buy a small house yet.

"You better accept it or get out of this house!" I said. I'm already mad at him. He was really over the top and treating his room like a chicken coop. How luxurious was his house before?

"It doesn't matter, I'm going to sleep! Sleep in your room if you want, and don't try to destroy other people's homes or your own, Mas." ``Don't you know that you have no right to this house?'' I insisted to Mas Damar. For it is written that the house and all its property shall belong to the children, and not a single piece shall be left to the treasonous perpetrator. This also applies if I betray you.