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"Sir, have you seen my wallet?" I asked Mas Rafka, my husband.

"No, sir. I didn't see it. Why would that be?" answer and ask Mas Rafka back.

The man who had been with me for almost twelve years looked relaxed, sipping the aroma of coffee in a cup. He sat on a mini pantry chair which had no partition from the television room.

Different from me who is busy uncovering every item in the corner of the room right now. Look for a brown rectangular object. None other than the wallet as a wedding gift last year from Mas Rafka.

I exhaled roughly while wiping my forehead. Then I threw my weight onto the soft sofa in the television room. "I don't have my wallet, sir. I don't know where I lost it or slipped it," I replied wearily.

Out of the corner of my eye, you could see Mas Rafka getting up from his chair. Carrying a cup in his hand and approaching me. "Lost? When? How come? Your wallet was a gift from Mas, right?"

I nodded slowly. "Yes, I've been using the wallet you gave me for the last year, sir. I don't know if I lost it or forgot to keep it. I went for a walk all day yesterday and came back here and went straight to sleep. I didn't check first. I was really tired of that. I just had to replace it. "I went straight to bed. So, I only remembered it when I woke up. When I looked in my bag, it wasn't there," I explained later.

Mas Rafka came closer and sat next to me after taking a sip of coffee in his cup. "Just try to remember first. Maybe you forgot to save it. If it is lost, you must immediately file a loss report. The contents of your wallet are all important."

I nodded again. "Yes, that's why I'm looking for this, who knows, it might slip out like that, right? But I've looked almost everywhere, I can't find it, sir. That's why I'm asking you. Maybe you'll see."

Mas Rafka put the cup in his hand on the table in front of us. Before he finally left. "Let me help you look for it then."

Without waiting for my answer, Mas Rafka walked out of the television room. Leaving me still sitting leaning on the sofa.

Since waking up from sleep half an hour ago. I'm busy looking for my brown wallet. However, I couldn't find it. Finally I got back up from the sofa. Leaving the television room to catch up with Mas Rafka. I will check every corner of this house again to make sure where my wallet is. Just like Mas Rafka, I also hope that the wallet won't be lost.


Mas Rafka and I sat at the end of the bed. After exploring every corner of the room together, it was quite tiring. We searched for about an hour, but we couldn't find what we were looking for.

"It looks like it's really gone, sir," I said softly. Regret my carelessness with such an important item.

"Erm, try to remember first, old man. Where did you go yesterday? You might have left behind the place you went," said Mas Rafka as if he wanted to cheer me up.

I rake my face with both hands. I remember that all day yesterday I didn't just visit one place. However, the last thing I visited was the city's typical souvenir shopping center. My wallet is still there. I still pay for the souvenirs I buy with cash. Is it possible that my wallet was stolen without realizing it after paying at the cashier? Who knows. I don't want to guess.

"What do you think, bro? I think I have to call the bank to block all account numbers and insurance too." Finally I made a decision.

"Okay, just call me now. After that, you'll get ready. Our holiday schedule here is finished. We have to go home, darling," said Mas Rafka, to which I responded with a nod of the head.

Mas Rafka got up from the end of the bed. Walked to the cupboard then prepared his suitcase and backpack and started packing. Meanwhile I started fiddling with the device, contacted the bank's customer service to take care of blocking my account.

After contacting the bank, I followed Mas Rafka to pack. Currently we are in the city of Surabaya and today we have to return to the city of Flowers. Five days on holiday here, it feels like not enough. However, there is also work waiting for us to return to the city of Paris Van Java.

I am a fashion designer and owner of three boutiques in one of the cities in Bandung. Mas Rafka, my husband, is an event planner who has an EO team directly under his auspices. For wedding matters, the services of my boutique are definitely used. Our business can be said to be successful and increasingly successful.

Almost twelve years of marriage, we are still just the two of us. I never gave birth to children in this marriage. Never mind giving birth, getting pregnant or having a miscarriage, I've never had one. Before Mas Rafka married me, I told him my decision that I didn't want to have children while we were married. Initially, Mas Rafka was of course shocked and thought carefully about my decision. However, because maybe he was already a soul mate, Mas Rafka finally accepted my choice and we got married.

Even without a baby